Study in Republic Polytechnic

School of Applied Science

At RP School of Applied Science (SAS), you will learn to uncover new knowledge to pioneer new frontiers in science. Get ready to hone your research and technical skills to make life-changing discoveries

School Of Applied Science Courses

P10 Common Science Programme

P12 Applied Chemistry

P16 Biomedical Science

P20 Biotechnology

P24 Environmental & Marine Science

P28 Pharmaceutical Science

About School of Applied Science

Delve into the modern scientific world and explore realms from aquaculture to pharmaceutics at RP School of Applied Science (SAS).

SAS will unlock your curiosity and harness your talents as you will develop practical skills to preparefor a rewarding career in the scientific fields.

Enjoy opportunities to go from classroom and laboratory into the real world with rigorous industrial attachments. You will interact and learn from experts in their fields, make valuable contacts for your network and play a pivotal role in solving actual problems.

Make your mark as aquarists, pharmacy technicians, environmental officers, or chemists; or take your interests further with a degree in biotechnology, medicine or environmental science. Your SAS diploma prepares you as a contributing member of the scientific community, for a better tomorrow for all

Challenge yourself at one of the largest science schools in Singapore and be amazed at what you can achieve. Start off with the Common Science Programme or find exciting opportunities in our range of diploma courses in:
• Applied Chemistry
• Biomedical Science
• Biotechnology
• Environmental & Marine Science
• Pharmaceutical Science

School of Engineering

At RP School of Engineering (SEG), you will learn to combine logic and imagination to become a resourceful problem-solver who can tackle real-world problems. Let’s find innovative solutions to change the way we live.

School Of  Engineering Courses

P14 Common Engineering Programme

P20 Aviation Management

P28 Engineering Design with Business

P36 Industrial & Operations Management

P44 Sustainable Built Environmen

P16 Aerospace Engineering

P24 Electrical & Electronic Engineering

P32 Engineering Systems & Management

P40 Supply Chain Management

About School of Engineering

Learn from our inspiring team of lecturers who are committed to making your time meaningful and worthwhile.

At RP School of Engineering (SEG), you will be equipped with skillsets that prepare you to thrive in sectors such as aerospace, maritime, built environment, electronics, healthcare, and supply chain.

Look forward to gain expertise in multifaceted areas beyond engineering. At SEG, we will harness your curiosity and guide
you to transform ideas into viable solutions. Through their learning at SEG, students have attained achievements such as awards and accreditations respectively at international and industry platforms.

Upon graduation, you may choose to either pursue a fulfilling career in engineering related fields or you may wish to further your studies in engineering disciplines or other courses such as business management, computer science and others. Should you intend to embark on lifelong learning, SEG also offers full-qualification and short courses to support your learning needs.

Come join SEG to build your future! We offer a Common Engineering Programe and eight full-time diploma programmes where you can gain a well-rounded skillset to push boundaries and create practical solutions. They are:
• Aerospace Engineering
• Aviation Management
• Electrical & Electronic Engineering
• Engineering Design with Business
• Engineering Systems & Management
• Industrial & Operations Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Sustainable Built Environment

Course Fees

The table below shows the amounts and details of the course fees payable in AY 2023 for
incoming students admitted in AY 2023.

Type of Fee International Students (with GST, S$)
Subsidised Tuition Fee Payable 11,900.00
Supplementary Fee (inclusive of GST) 141.58
Course Fees Per Academic Year 12,041.58

Entry requirements for Republic Polytechnic

(Year 10)- Central Board of Secondary Education
English: Minimum 70%
Mathematics: Minimum 70%
1 relevant subject and 2 best subjects: Minimum 70% each (1 subject if there are only 4 subjects in the National Examinations)

(Year 12)- Higher Secondary School Certificate
English: Minimum 70%
Mathematics: Minimum 70% 1 relevant subject and 2 best subjects: Minimum 70% each (1 subject if there are only 4 subjects in the National Examinations)

(Year 10)- Secondary School Leaving Certificate
English: Minimum 80%
Mathematics: Minimum 80%
1 relevant subject and 2 best subjects: Minimum 80% each (1 subject if there are only 4 subjects in the Board Examinations)

Applicants who meet the MER above may be shortlisted to sit for an Entrance Test in English, Mathematics and Science.

Pass Out Students

Abhinav. S

Athul S

Amina Nadirsha

Bhagya Hari

Aravid. M

GokulKrishnan. G

Ardra Sujathan

Vivek Varnan


I had an incredible experience at Republic Polytechnic. The innovative and hands-on approach to education truly sets it apart. The dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities allowed me to excel both academically and personally. I’m proud to be an alum and can confidently say that RP prepared me for a successful career.

Amina Nadirsha

Choosing Republic Polytechnic was the best decision I’ve made. The hands-on approach to learning has made my education incredibly practical and relevant. The strong emphasis on teamwork and critical thinking has shaped me into a well-rounded professional, ready to face any challenge