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Aerospace Electronics’ Computer Engineering,
Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering,
Biomedical Engineering, Electronics and many more

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Offers a comprehensive and well-structured education
that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training,
preparing students for a rewarding and impactful career
in healthcare.

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Eduvertex Study Abroad Consultants Pvt ltd is one of the top study abroad consultants in Kerala with 17 plus years of expertise in overseas education. We provide quality career guidance and counselling to students so that they can pursue their study abroad dreams We have helped 1000s of students to study work and settle in Singapore We are located in Maithanam Varkala just 2kms from Varkala Beach.

Eduvertex offers the best overseas education services for students who are planning to study in foreign countries.

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Eduvertex excels in providing comprehensive and invaluable study abroad counseling services that pave the way for a successful academic journey…

Test Preparation

Eduvertex stands out as a premier resource for effective test preparation training, a crucial element in securing admission to top universities abroad…

IELTS and German Language

Introduce the importance of learning German for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Detail the levels of courses offer…

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Nursing Ausbildung – Generalistische Krankenpflege Ausbildung…


At RP School of Applied Science (SAS), yo…

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Why Study in Singapore

Why Study in Singapore

Quality of LifeSingapore has gained renown for its evolution from a developing nation to...

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Studying abroad opens the door to fulfilling one’s most cherished dreams and aspirations. Reaching such dreams requires guidance and support, and this is where Eduvertex, a trusted educational consultant, steps in. Eduvertex recognizes that each student’s path is unique, and they offer tailored assistance to navigate the intricate process of studying abroad. From selecting the right university and program to handling application procedures, scholarships, and visa documentation, Eduvertex acts as a steadfast companion. Their expertise not only simplifies the often overwhelming journey but also ensures that students can focus on their academic pursuits and fully experience the enriching adventure of studying abroad. With Eduvertex by their side, students can confidently step forward towards their dreams, equipped with the knowledge and guidance to turn those dreams into a vibrant reality.